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September 13, 2006

Farewell to my first condo

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August 25, 2006 was the last night at my first ever condo. The next day we were moving the mattress, all beddings items to the new condo that we recently bought and I will never see this place again.


Believe it or not, I have always wanted to have a condo of my own since I got my first job. Not a big house, just a condo. This is because since I was 7, I have been living in a police welfare flat. It is one (big) bedroom type with one bathroom which I found super convenient. First of all, because it is located in a very downtown area. Second, it’s very secure with the Police Station at the front, of course. And lastly, there’s not much space for cleaning. My parents let me stay on my own since I was 19 and I remember that I was not scared to be in the flat all by myself. In fact, It felt so great to feel like I owned the place and could do everything confidently. (I might not feel so confident if it was in a two-storey house which I would always wonder if there’s anyone else downstairs)


I know my dad cannot stay there forever. When he retires, we will all have to move and I don’t want to live in his hometown in Pathumthani nor my  mother’s hometown in Saraburi. So, I was ever since determined to find myself a condo that I can afford.


That’s how I found this Baan Rama IV with the National Housing Authority in 1997. It was a 30-year lease contract, not a free hold yet I did not care, knowing that within those 30 years, I will definitely have more than this and now I actually do.


It is a 33 square meter studio with private balcony and bedroom. The unit is at the corner of the 7th floor. I secretly spent my savings on decorating this room from the beginning.  I picked every single piece of furniture in this room myself, staring from the built-in kitchen, the bed, the mattress, the blanket, the curtain, the sofa, etc. It was amazing to feel such ownership and to have a room of my own to decorate it the way I want.  My parents were also proud when they found out about this.


Then I got married and stay here with my new family. I got pregnant and had a lovely baby girl. I still love the room but I know I need more space of my own and so does she. The studio room is fine for a single person not for a family of three members. Yet, we can’t live in our house in Pathumthani as it takes 100 km of daily commute and the gas price is on the increase everyday.  So I started looking for a two-bedroom condo in the city. I know the price will be high but I need it for the better living of my family. So the time has come that we moved out to that new place, another pride of me indeed but I couldn’t help feeling sad leaving my first condo here at Bonkai.


The room carries so many memories over the past 8 years and I can’t believe I have to give it up. Some people will be living in this small room. We will live happily ever after at our new luxurious condo at LPN Sathorn Suanplu but I will always remember this 18/687 room where I first started off my new family, where I spent my pregnancy, the day we brought our newborn baby home and many more things.Farewell and thank you for your hospitality 🙂 Good luck with the new tenant.


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