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August 16, 2006

Happy Lottery Day

Filed under: Lifestyle — blossom2219 @ 6:09 pm
I beleive in hardwork and timing. Some fortune tellers once told my mother that I have to work hard throughout my life to earn every single penny . So, I keep on working. I have never invested in the stock market, gambled or buying lottery that much. Part of me say that such money doesn’t make anyone rich or happy.
It was in February 2004 when my daughter picked me a pair of lottery. We spent that weeekend at Reuters Holidays House in Pattaya. We went to have lunch at local restaurant where they served green papaya salad, sticky rice and other mouth watering seafood. She was getting cranky so I had to carry her around. There was a lottery vendor passing by and she simply reached down to pick one stack of lottery for me. It was the whole pack. I could not afford to buy it all so I bought just one. The final two digits were "00" which is the least likely to be the winning number.
Yet it was. I won 2000 baht from that pair of lottery and I was quite happy. For someone who never earned any easy money, I think it was quite sweet. I beleive my daughter would like to give me some moral support by piciking me that pair of lottery. Thank you , sweetheart. Being lucky from time to time is not that bad but I still beleive in hardwork and so should you 🙂

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