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April 28, 2006

My Birthday Nightmare

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My birthday this year is definitely not one of my best, really. After work, I got a call from my dad but it was not him calling. It was actually my mom crying over the phone. She said dad is really sick, he could not get up, he could not open his eyes and she is getting some help. I tried to remain calm and told her to do the same, telling her I will be right there but she did not stop crying.
I called her several times while I was on the motorbike and learned that some colleagues are getting him to BH. My mom had to stay home and took care of Uk Uk.  I was a bit shaking but I knew I had to be strong and calm. I got to the ER and saw my dad on the bed. He did not pass out and ther was no blood, thank god!! My mom said he did not fall to ground and he did not knock his head. Doctors are trying to figure out what’s happening and asks so many questions about his medical records, which he does not have much really.
He stayed at the ICU on the night of my 33rd birthday and none of us could stay there.
Part of me wanted to cry but I know my dad would not want me to. He taught me to be strong. As far as I remember, he has been working so hard for over 30 years for the family. He sleeps very little and he loves his job very much. I am actually glad that I can now take care of him, providing the best medical care. I am glad that I am there for him.
Did you ever know that you are my hero
You are everthing I would like to be
I can fly higher than an eagle
Cause you are the wind beneath my wing
Daddy, you are my hero. We just don’t do that in Thai society, you know, hugging and telling your parents you love them. They say actions speak louder than words. I want you to know that I love you very much and I want to thank you for everything you have done to make me the person I am today. And I will do my best to take good care of you while I can because I am your daughter.

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