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March 9, 2006

A Journal to my pumpkin (Part 2)

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How are you doing inside? Do you have everything you need to grow? Am I taking enough good food to help you with that? How does it feel when I sneeze? Do you hear my thoughts? Do you hear it when I speak to you? Do you understand English already? How do you feel when I sing or when I watch movies? What type of food do you like best? Does it feel good when I take fruits or fish?


I remember the day I realize that I have you with me. It was August 25,2002. Your dad and I went Karaoke singing with friends and Big Echo. My period was a couple of days late and I started to be careful because my period is always on time. A couple of days later I took  a self-pregnancy test and the result was positive. My heart was beating really fast and I did not know what  to do. I went to the hospital that evening to see a doctor and to confirm the result. You were probably a couple of weeks old or so.


The doctor recommended good diets and many things. I started to have symptoms. There are things I used to like but their smell and taste became so unbearable. I almost  fainted on the bus once on my way home. It was quite scary and I was alone. Your dad was working and his office was close to the condo.


When you were 12 weeks, we had the opportunity to see you from the ultrasound machine at the hospital. You were only 5.3 cm long and dancing a lot. I guess the doctor knew whether you were a boy or a girl but I did not ask and your dad did not want to know either.


Some friends and relatives say you must be a boy. Your grand-mum (your dad’s mum) said you must be a girl. You know what? It doesn’t matter at all. I just wish you are healthy, strong and tough just like me. When I dress up and put on some make-up, they say you must a girl and when I let myself so dirty, moody, they think you are a boy. I don’t care as long as it is you and that’s enough.


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